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Home for all
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Ended 31st March 2020

Home for All

It was five years ago that Nikos and Katerina, owners of a restaurant by the sea in Lesvos, a quiet and traditional Greek island, began to see people walking, soaking wet, on the beaches and roads. At the time, they didn’t know about the refugee problem, but they wanted to help. Quickly they realised that it was not a passing problem, but they could hardly imagine what it would become.

Nikos and Katerina

Nikos and Katerina

Their first step was to start distributing meals to refugees. However, when they saw that people ate sitting on the floor next to the refugee camps, they decided to give them a space to enjoy their meals in peace. The time came when they had to choose between maintaining their business or devoting themselves solely to feeding the refugees. They chose the second option.

In five years, the Home for All project transformed completely. It became more than feeding refugees with nutritious meals – now they were providing them with clothes, comfort and a friendly place to shelter.

Today, the project is much bigger than Nikos and Katerina, although they are without doubt, the heart and the force that drives everything. Hundreds of volunteers, from all ages and nationalities have helped build four “homes”, distributed thousands of clothes and guarantee the continuation of Home for All.

Bigger and bolder than ever, Home for All now has a new mission: to help shape the future of the refugees. Integration, tolerance and integrity are the keywords. Sharing the European culture, teaching new skills and giving purpose and hope are some of the steps.

To make this mission become a reality, Home for All would welcome your help. Please consider donating or volunteering for this project.

Welcome home.

doTERRA Partnership Project

doTERRA Europe has been working closely with Home for All in order to help them achieve their goals and mission. During the past months, we have sent over many doTERRA volunteers, donated products and, most importantly, we have invested in a brand new van, an essential resource for Home for All.

We have also donated 2000 high-quality sleeping bags to Moria refugee camp and 2000 more will follow shortly.

We plan to keep cooperating with Home for All and help change the lives of thousands of refugees for the better.