Disaster Relief

Disaster relief efforts Ready to help

When a natural disaster strikes, we’re ready to send out aid and supplies to help individuals and families during displacement and the recovery of their community.


Emergency relief kits

Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits

72-hour Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits are designed to help those who need it most during disaster situations. Emergency Relief Hygiene Kits are donated by Wellness Advocates and doTERRA International® and are quickly sent to partners for distribution in affected areas.

Haiti Hurricane Relief Efforts

Hawaii Kilauea Volcano Relief

“My family passed Relief Kits to those camping or living in their cars this week. They were so grateful. Many expressed to me that emotions are high and it’s challenging to rest and relax. Sickness is beginning to show up around the shelters and people were so grateful to receive solutions to protect themselves. Thank you for bringing some relief to our community.”

-Cherie Brewer, Wellness Advocate

Cherie Brewer